Corporate Classes

The Corporate Team Building Class, is unique way of enhancing team bonds and building enduring relationships, through an intimate engagement with authentic Thai culinary values and cooking. Participants are divided into teams, and evaluated across four time-bound challenges: analytical skills, endurance, creativity and culinary drive. The results are judged by a Blue Elephant Chef, as well as customer-side representatives. An enjoyable lunch or dinner amongst participants, serves as a grand finale to the event.

This class has thus far been taken by teams from leading global brands, whose participants have enjoyed the experience and returned with great building values, imparted by our experienced facilitators.

Participation & Sessions

A minimum batch of 12 people is required, to enable an equal division into teams and to generate momentum for the challenge

Session A
10:00H – 14:00H
Session B
13:30H – 17:30H
Session C
17:00H – 21:00H

Timings for all the above sessions are flexible.


Session A: THB 4,120++
Session B: THB 4,120++
Session C: THB 4,355++

Prices quoted above are per person.

The Package

The package includes the following activities and elements:

  • Arrangements and equipment for the activity
  •  Welcome drink and drinking water for the event
  •  Blue Elephant apron and headscarf
  •  Blue Elephant Participation Certificate
  •  Instant photographs for all participants
  •  3-course lunch for Sessions A & B
  •  4-course dinner for Session C

Program Overview

  • Participants will be welcomed with a fresh Thai herbal drink.
  •  The Chef will introduce the program and the activities.
  •  Participants will be divided into teams before the start of the four challenges.


Challenge 1: Analytical Skills

Team collaboration is tested in situational analysis. A set of 10 unique Asian ingredients is presented to teams on a tray. They will need to name each ingredient and describe in written format the look, smell and taste, in 10 minutes.

Challenge 2: Endurance

Team endurance is evaluated here. Each team is given a large basket of onions and will have to dice as many onions as they can in 10 minutes.

Challenge 3: Creativity

Expressions of team creativity are observed here. Teams are given a large basket each of various ingredients, fruits, vegetables and beans. They will need to create a 3D food sculpture representing their corporate logo on a board in just 30 minutes.

Challenge 4: Drive

The drive of each team is tested here. Our chefs will demonstrate two Thai dishes. The teams will then have to recreate both these dishes in one hour. The dishes will have to be decorated, to earn points on presentation and taste.

Judging & Finale

The results are judged by a Blue Elephant Chef, as well as representatives from the participating corporation. An enjoyable lunch or dinner amongst participants, presentation of certificates and photographs, serves as a grand finale to the event.