Private Classes


Tourists, local residents and anyone interested in a unique and positive personal learning experience, are welcome to join our Private Classes. We cater to a variety of people with different skill sets, from novices to professional chefs. Our Private Classes are equipped with all the necessary facilities to organise interactive and engaging sessions. Our instructors are warm and friendly, offering the right amount of encouragement, with personal attention to every student.

To get a handle on authentic Thai cooking, we recommend taking up a six-day private course, for a holistic culinary experience. All participants will graduate with a Blue Elephant Cooking School Certificate and will receive a cooking set, plus a delightful souvenir apron.

Serve the Chef

A culinary satisfaction of a rare kind – we give you the opportunity to be a part of our kitchen, and pitch in with your suggestions. Our chef’s are all ears!

Private Class Menu

Students participating in a regular Private Class (Half / Full day) have the liberty of choosing the requisite number of dishes from the cooking menu, depending on the number of days they wish to attend.

Carving Class

At our Vegetable Carving class, expert Chefs teach students the intricate art and secrets of fruit and vegetable cutting and carving. This skill enhances food presentation, and is invaluable for making an impact at lunch or dinner parties. We recommend this class for people passionate about food presentation, specially for private and large gatherings.

Vegetable carving has both half  and full day classes. The half day class can be scheduled either in the morning or afternoon.

Dessert Class

At our Dessert Class, students learn the art of creating a variety of authentic Thai desserts, that have been mastered and perfected by our expert chefs. We recommend this class for people passionate about crowning their authentic Thai cooking menu with something sweet to match.

The Dessert Class is a half or a full day course, and can be scheduled accordingly. Participants may reach out to the cooking school directly, to choose from range of recommended menus.

Ancient Thai Cuisine Cooking Course

Our Ancient Thai Cuisine Cooking Class enables both amateur and professional cooks learn how to make ten of the country’s long forgotten dishes such as Ma Auan, Kaeng Mumba and Lon Taujiew Poo that were popular and readily available in times gone by. We recommend all passionate Thai cuisine chefs, novices or enthusiasts to take this course.

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1 Half Day Private Class: Baht 5,000++ per person (4 dishes)

1 Full Day Private Class: Baht 10,000++ per person (8 dishes)

1 Full Day Vegetarian Class: Baht 6,000++ per person (8 dishes)

1 Half Day Carving Class: Baht 5,000++ per person.

1 Full Day Carving Class: Baht 10,000++ per person.

1 Half Day Dessert Class: Baht 5,000++ per person (4 dishes)

1 Full Day Dessert Class: Baht 10,000++ per person (8 dishes)

1 Full day Ancient Thai Cuisine course: Baht 15,000++ per person (10 dishes)

6 Full Day Professional Class: Baht 78,000++ per person (approx. 40 dishes)

Rates are subject to 10% service charge and 7% government tax.

Book a Class

We request you make your reservations preferably a day in advance, to enable us accommodate students and plan better.

Cancellation Policy

We should receive a request for cancellation atleast 48 hrs before the registered class. You will be charged 50% of the total cost for a no-show.